Month: February 2022

The Truth About Sudden Wealth Planning with Marshal Scheidt (Ep.34)

The Truth About Sudden Wealth Planning with Marshal Scheidt (Ep.34)

Many people would consider being suddenly given millions of dollars a positive thing. But the truth is, oftentimes, this can bring many negative experiences for the recipient.

In this episode, David Pulcini is interviewed by his co-worker, Marshal Scheidt. As a partner at Six Point Financial Partners, Marshal joins David to discuss the reality behind what happens when someone suddenly is given a substantial sum of money, and the facts behind why those people seem to be broke just as quickly as they become wealthy.

David and Marshal discuss: 

  • The negative experiences that can come with suddenly getting millions of dollars
  • What you can do to prepare yourself to use the money in the best way possible for your financial future
  • The 4% rule of saving and spending money
  • Prioritizing goals with newfound money 
  • What to do when you inherit an IRA
  • Different types of inheritances you may run into 
  • And more


Episode 33: Getting Financially Organized — Part Six of Six Points of Financial Planning with Adam Holt 

Connect with David Pulcini: 

Connect with Marshal Scheidt:

About our Guest Host: Marshal Scheidt takes a tremendous amount of pride in helping his clients envision and accomplish their goals. Whether these goals pertain to their financial lives or are personal objectives, he takes a stake in helping his clients grow and improve on many levels. 

Graduated in 2015 from SUNY Brockport where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, as well as Business Administration with a concentration in Management.

Marshal’s business practice is focused on providing comprehensive financial planning, risk management and retirement income strategies to help individuals find success and peace of mind.

Getting Financially Organized — Part Six of Six Points of Financial Planning with Adam Holt (Ep. 33)

Getting Financially Organized — Part Six of Six Points of Financial Planning with Adam Holt (Ep. 33)

Very few people completely understand each of the assets that they hold, their value, and how they fit into their overall financial plan.

How can you and your advisor ensure that you are financially organized?

In this episode, David Pulcini speaks with Adam Holt, founder and CEO of Asset-Map about how his software helps advisors and their clients get financially organized. 

David and Adam discuss: 

  • How the Asset-Map software has simplified organization for your financial assets
  • The benefit of transparency with family members about your financial situation
  • Why you need to ensure that you have a plan for all of your assets, including investment real estate with non-family members
  • How asset maps can help to increase transparency with your financial team
  • How Asset-Map’s software can be used across various industries
  • And more

Connect With Adam Holt:

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About our Guest:

H. Adam Holt, Asset-Map’s Founder and CEO, was a financial planner frustrated by financial planning.

The long, research-packed reports he prepared for client meetings didn’t seem to engage clients or provide clarity. Adam realized that to better serve clients, he needed to help them focus on what matters most—making good financial decisions so they could reach their goals.

From that realization, Asset-Map was born. Created first as a tool used by Adam and his staff, his financial planning business became our software’s first success story as it grew by 300% revenue in three years and reached nearly $1 billion in assets in under a decade.

Today, Asset-Map is used by thousands of financial advisors across multiple currencies and languages to help families focus on what matters, make more engaged and confident decisions, and reach their financial goals.