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The First Steps To Working with a Financial Advisor (Ep. 43)

Finding a financial advisor can be intimidating, and often there is confusion about what you should really expect in the first meeting with a prospective new advisor. 

In this episode, David Pulcini answers your questions about the process of finding an advisor, and meeting one, and how to tell if that particular advisor and their firm are right for you. 

David discusses: 

  • What to avoid when first meeting with an advisor 
  • What your first meeting should look like
  • How you should feel while first meeting your prospective advisor 
  • What Six Point Financial can do for you if you are looking for a new advisor 
  • And more


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Keeping You Covered – Handling Personal Injury Claims and Coverage with Christina A. Goldberg (Ep.42)

There’s a saying, “You don’t know you need it until it’s too late.”

That could not be more true than when it comes to handling personal injury claims and coverage. Don’t leave yourself unprotected when the unexpected happens.

In this episode, David Pulcini sits down with Christina A. Goldberg, ESQ, Shareholder and Attorney at Luhrsen and Goldberg, and Co-Founder of Law Power By Women to talk about everything you didn’t know, but need to know about the legal field of personal injury. 

David and Christina discuss: 

  • What Christina handles in her practice 
  • How far back you can go to claim a injury and when you should start your claim 
  • The process Christina and her firm go through when a client reaches out to them for legal help 
  • The truth behind “We don’t get paid unless you get paid”
  • What to expect after filing a personal injury claim
  • Common mistakes people make when it comes to handling their own personal injury coverage 
  • And more

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About our Guest: Christina focuses her practice primarily upon Plaintiff’s Personal Injury, which encompasses, but is not limited to, car crashes, slip/trip-and-fall accidents, motorcycle accidents, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, homeowner negligence, and other negligent injury claims.  Christina also handles Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Litigation on behalf of doctors who have been unfairly denied payment by insurance carriers, and has also represented those who are disabled in Social Security Disability cases.  

Christina has a long history of success in firm management and production.  Prior to founding Luhrsen Goldberg, LLC with her partner, Julie S. Luhrsen, Esq., with whom Christina has reunited after the pair met and worked together from 2007 to 2009, Christina was the Managing Shareholder of the Law Offices of Barak & Goldberg, P.A..  In 2010, although a Plaintiff’s lawyer at heart, Christina was offered the opportunity to open, organize, and oversee the fourth statewide office for a very well-known Florida insurance defense firm. Two years later, having obtained very valuable insight into how, exactly, “big insurance” views the claims made by its insureds, Christina followed her heart and her talents back to Plaintiff’s work, representing individual victims of others’ negligence.

Christina earned her Juris Doctor degree from Stetson University College of Law in 2007, graduating in the top third of her class. While at Stetson, she served and competed in national competitions as a member of Stetson’s nationally ranked Alternate Dispute Resolution Board, and additionally served as a Teaching Fellow, a distinguished position only bestowed upon those students with an exhibited mastery of legal writing and research skills. Christina is licensed to practice before all Florida State Courts, Florida’s Second District Court of Appeals, is a Certified County Court Mediator, a Sarasota County Guardian ad Litem, holds memberships with the local Sarasota and Manatee County Bar Associations, is a Board Member of The Mark Wandall Foundation and is a member of the Florida Justice Association. She also previously served as an Advisory Board Member of the Lakewood Ranch YMCA.

Christina was born and raised in Sarasota and currently lives in the Lakewood Ranch area. She is the proud parent of one son.

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Revealing the Unexpected and Unexplained While Working With a Financial Advisor with Matt Halloran, Podcasting Expert, CRO, & Co-Founder of ProudMouth (Ep.41)

Trying to navigate the financial world can be extremely challenging.

Because of this, a lot of people turn to financial advisors for help with reaching their financial goals. But what should you expect while working with an advisor?

In this episode, David Pulcini sits down with Matt Halloran, CRO and co-founder of ProudMouth, to talk about the benefits of working with an advisor you trust, the importance of proactive communication with clients, and the four things a client should expect from their advisor.

David and Matt discuss:

  • Matt’s background in podcasting and in the financial industry
  • The problem with the public’s perception of financial advisors (and why it needs to be corrected)
  • How often you should actually expect to hear from your advisor
  • Different types of communication advisors can use to reach their clients
  • Podcasting listening tips and why Matt sees so many advisors have success when they incorporate podcasting into their company
  • And more


LinkedIn: Kirk Lowe

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About our Guest: Matt got started in the financial services industry 20 years ago as a certified life and business coach. As he became immersed in his client’s biggest needs, he built his knowledge and expertise as a financial branding and social media expert.  More recently, Matt has added podcasting to that list.

Matt’s first book, “The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors,” available on Amazon, was a big hit. He’s been leading the social wave in financial services for years – teaching top advisors how to be human in an oftentimes inhuman industry. His second book, “99 Best Ideas”, was an Amazon bestseller filled with marketing ideas.

Matt has served in the Navy, is a trained therapist, been a radio host, and worked as a financial professional in his list of accomplishments. Matt’s breadth of hands-on experience positions him superbly to help financial professionals build the marketing side of their practices.

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The Real Power Behind a Power of Attorney with Neil Lyons, ESQ (Ep. 40)

As we get older, we want to be sure our and our family’s money is in the right hands.

But it is not always as simple as it sounds, and some minor mistakes can lead to horrendous consequences for the whole family.

In this episode, David Pulcini sits down with associate attorney Neil Lyons, ESQ, from Luhrsen Goldberg to talk about everything you need to know about setting up, or being a power of attorney and how to avoid some mistakes that could cost you your financial stability. 

David and Neil discuss: 

  • What is a power of attorney and what that entities you the power to do 
  • If you can take power of attorney over someone without their consistent 
  • How to not inform someone they are your power of attorney 
  • Some common mistakes that are made that turn out to be disastrous, not only financially but emotionally 
  • And more


Estate Planning – Part Five of Six Points of Financial Planning with Neil Lyons, ESQ (Ep. 32) 

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About our Guest: Neil Lyons, ESQ, practices extensively in the realm of estate planning, elder law, and trust and probate administration. In this arena and since 2015, he has put his legal knowledge and desire to helping others to good end, contributing more than 500 hours of pro bono legal services to Sarasota and Manatee County residents.

Neil’s good deeds have been widely recognized, including by the Sarasota County Bar Association, which in 2018 awarded him with its Distinguished Community Service Award for “his dedication to helping the cause of the defenseless and oppressed through his countless hours of pro bono legal services.” More recently, in 2019, the Florida Bar recognized this with its President’s Pro Bono Service Award. 

Neil earned his Juris Doctor degree from Stetson University College of Law in 2011. Neil earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in History from the University of South Florida in 2004. He then went on to earn his Master’s Degree in Education from the University of South Florida in 2008.

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6 Tips When Changing Careers with Nate Hasto Investment Advisor Representative for Six Point Financial Partners (Ep.39)

Applying for a new job can be both exciting and overwhelming as you try to decipher different salaries, benefits, and other components of the new job– It can be easy to be attracted to the pay rate and not read into what is not included in the new position.

In this episode, David Pulcini sits down with fellow Six Point Financial Partners Advisor, Nate Hasto to talk about Nate’s 6 tips he has for anyone thinking of or currently changing their careers.  

David and Nate discuss: 

  • What benefits you should be looking for in your next career
  • Why sometimes a job that pays a higher salary can actually end up paying you less in the long-term 
  • Different types of professional development opportunities to look for when applying to different careers 
  • The pros and cons of working from home and a flexible schedule 
  • And more


Dear Rochester, Retire Well episode 31. Tax Planning – Part Four of Six Points of Financial Planning 

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About our Guest: 

After years of sharing new learnings in personal finance outside of Nate’s corporate work schedule, he discovered that continuing to learn and teach financial strategies was more than something he simply enjoyed – it was his true passion and vocation. There is nothing more rewarding to Nate than spending time helping his clients feel heard and empowered to face their greatest financial and planning questions with confidence.


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Risk Mitigation While Investing For a Client’s Portfolio with Alexander Oxenham, CFA (Ep. 38)

It’s not hard to be overwhelmed by economic news about the real estate market, interest rates, inflation and even cryptocurrency.

But which protection strategies actually work? What should you be doing to ensure you are truly mitigating your risk within your portfolio? 

In this episode, David Pulcini sits down with Alex Oxenham, CFA, partner and co-chief investment officer at Hilton Capital Management to talk about the company’s experience and practices when it comes to investing. David and Alex share why Hilton Capital Management uses the economic cycle to determine whether or not they should take more or less risks for clients’ portfolios. 

David and Alex discuss: 

  • Different strategies that the Hilton team uses when determining how much risk a client can handle in their portfolio
  • Where the markets could be heading in the next few years based on current events
  • A number of investing and stock picking tips
  • The ideal client for Hilton and the various strategies they incorporate
  • And more

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About our Guest: Alex Oxenham joined Hilton Capital in 2011 from HSBC Private Bank in New York where he was a Senior Portfolio Manager and Voting Member on the HSBC Private Bank Investment Policy Committee for the Americas region. 

Prior to HSBC, Oxenham worked in portfolio management for Mercantile Bankshares, Bankers Trust Alex Brown/Brown Advisory, and Bank of America. Oxenham holds a B.S. in International Business from the University of Maryland, an MBA in Finance from American University, and is a CFA charterholder. Oxenham is also a CFA Institute member and a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts.

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What To Do In The Housing Market Boom with Glen Didas (Ep. 37)

Purchasing a home is likely the largest purchase of your life—and in today’s market, that purchase will cost you a pretty penny. 

But that price tag doesn’t mean that with the right guidance and advice, you can’t own the home of your dreams. 

In this episode, David Pulcini sits down with mortgage and lending expert Glen Didas, branch manager at Homestead Funding Corp to talk about the housing market today and what you need to know before buying or selling your home. 

David and Glen discuss: 

  • What the process looks like when you’re buying a home and what you need to qualify 
  • Private mortgage insurance and what that means when selling
  • How long can approvals take
  • What is actually included in closing costs 
  • The process of buying a investment property 
  • And more


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About our Guest: With over 15 years of home financing experience, Glen joined Homestead Funding in 2011. As an industry insider, Glen has had a unique perspective on the New York mortgage industry and knows it is important to seamlessly combine his high level of knowledge, integrity and honesty with a company that focuses on offering competitive mortgage products and superior client services. Glen’s array of knowledge concerning underwriting criteria allows him to quickly evaluate the needs of his homebuyers and find them the program that best suits their individual situation with the best terms and rate available. Glen and his staff then work with you throughout the entire mortgage process, from your first call to them until the day of closing (and then some) to make sure it all proceeds as smoothly as possible. Glen’s reputation in the industry is unsurpassed for professionalism and service.

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Checking Your Retirement Planning List (Ep. 36)

As the saying goes, the years go by fast. One minute you’re a young up and comer in your career.

Then suddenly, the next minute you’re facing the question of “when is the right time to retire?” Do you have the best plan in place to live your dream retirement?

In this episode, David Pulcini reviews what you need to cover in your retirement checklist to ensure that you are truly prepared for retirement.

David discusses:

  • The 16 points on your retirement list that need to be checked
  • The role your advisor plays in ensuring everything on the list is complete
  • How to get more out of your Social Security
  • The importance of looking into long-term care insurance
  • And more

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6 Common Mistakes Made in Financial Planning with Joe Prestigiacomo, CFP®, John Harms, CFP® and Alex Neri, CFP® (Ep.35)

When it comes to financial planning, making mistakes can end up being disastrous to your accounts, and can result in the loss of your own financial security for your retirement. 

In this episode, Joe Prestigiacomo, CFP®, John Harms, CFP® and Alex Neri, CFP® each give two examples they commonly see when it comes to financial planning.

David, Joe, John and Alex discuss: 

  • Why you should avoid having multiple retirement accounts
  • Taking your RMDs from the proper accounts
  • When you should be claiming Social Security 
  • Mistakes made when it comes to income planning through retirement 
  • Why you shouldn’t be too conservative with your accounts as you approach retirement
  • And more

Connect with David Pulcini: 

Connect with Joe Prestigiacomo:

Connect with John Harms:

Connect with Alex Neri:

About Joe Prestigiacomo: Joe Prestigiacomo began his career in the financial services industry in 2012, and today he provides comprehensive financial guidance to many clients. He graduated from St. John Fisher College – Rochester, NY where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. He holds Series 7, 24, 66 and NYS Life, Health & Disability Insurance Licenses, and is a Certified Financial Planner™. Joe focuses on developing retirement income strategies as well as personalized risk management assessments and solutions.

Along with Joe’s knowledge and experience, his commitment to an outstanding level of client service is an integral part of his practice that he prides himself on. By developing a deep understanding of Joe’s clients’ individual situations, he is able to help them make well informed financial decisions with confidence.

About John Harms: John Harms is an Indiana native who started in the investment and financial services industry in 2004 with Wachovia. There, he concentrated on helping small business owners in Chicago’s Lincoln Park community with retirement planning and investment portfolio management. Upon moving to Rochester in 2007, John shifted focus to providing comprehensive financial planning, wealth management, retirement income and distribution planning advice to educators.

He truly enjoys working with his clients helping to ease their financial concerns so that they can focus on what’s most important to them in life. John is approachable and pays close attention to detail in developing solutions to provide professional service clients can depend on. 

John is a 2004 graduate of the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University – West Lafayette, IN where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Management with a minor in Finance. In 2015, he obtained the RICP® (Retirement Income Certified Professional) designation from the American College.

Currently enrolled in the CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™) Curriculum at the American College and holds Series 7, 65, 66 and NYS Life, Health & Disability Insurance

About Alex Neri: Alex Neri is dedicated to helping people meet their financial goals through in-depth discussions and planning. He is a 2014 graduate of Mercyhurst University-Erie, PA where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He enjoys taking complex issues and breaking them down into simple and manageable financial goals. Specializing in working with individuals and families as Alex works to help them properly manage their retirement assets, develop risk mitigation strategies and uncover and resolve portfolio inefficiencies.

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The Truth About Sudden Wealth Planning with Marshal Scheidt (Ep.34)

Many people would consider being suddenly given millions of dollars a positive thing. But the truth is, oftentimes, this can bring many negative experiences for the recipient.

In this episode, David Pulcini is interviewed by his co-worker, Marshal Scheidt. As a partner at Six Point Financial Partners, Marshal joins David to discuss the reality behind what happens when someone suddenly is given a substantial sum of money, and the facts behind why those people seem to be broke just as quickly as they become wealthy.

David and Marshal discuss: 

  • The negative experiences that can come with suddenly getting millions of dollars
  • What you can do to prepare yourself to use the money in the best way possible for your financial future
  • The 4% rule of saving and spending money
  • Prioritizing goals with newfound money 
  • What to do when you inherit an IRA
  • Different types of inheritances you may run into 
  • And more


Episode 33: Getting Financially Organized — Part Six of Six Points of Financial Planning with Adam Holt 

Connect with David Pulcini: 

Connect with Marshal Scheidt:

About our Guest Host: Marshal Scheidt takes a tremendous amount of pride in helping his clients envision and accomplish their goals. Whether these goals pertain to their financial lives or are personal objectives, he takes a stake in helping his clients grow and improve on many levels. 

Graduated in 2015 from SUNY Brockport where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, as well as Business Administration with a concentration in Management.

Marshal’s business practice is focused on providing comprehensive financial planning, risk management and retirement income strategies to help individuals find success and peace of mind.