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What Is Required To Build A Sellable Business (EP. 79)

What Is Required To Build A Sellable Business (EP. 79)

At some point, every business must undergo a transition of ownership, whether through succession planning, a sale, or closure. Selling your business can not only bring financial freedom, but also frees you from operational burdens like employee management and client demands.

However, despite these benefits, some individuals may experience regrets because they are uncertain about what to do next as they navigate a new chapter without the familiar demands of their business.

In this enlightening episode, David Pulcini, the Managing Partner at SixPoint Financial Partners, sheds light on the transformative journey of selling a business, highlighting the profound changes that accompany such a significant decision.

Pulcini discusses the sacrifices business owners must make to ensure the success of their ventures. Additionally, he shares an inspiring story of his friend John, a visionary entrepreneur who built his business from scratch and navigated challenges and setbacks, ultimately achieving a successful sale of his business for $24 million.

Tune in for valuable insights.


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During this episode, you will learn about:

[00:32] Episode introduction

[01:05] Today’s focus: Selling your business

[01:37] The changes that occur when you sell your business

[02:29] The story of David Pulcini’s friend John, who built his business from the ground up and later successfully sold it

[03:21] The sacrifices you have to make as a business owner


[04:31] The challenges John navigated in his business journey and how he successfully rebuilt his business

[10:30] What does SixPoint mean?


[13:05] What John did with his money after selling his business for $24 million


Key Takeaways:  

  • At some point, whether sooner or later, every business must change hands, either through a succession plan, a sale, or closure. [00:44]
  • Selling your business brings financial freedom and liberates you from order issues, employee concerns, and client demands. However, despite these benefits, some people may experience regrets because the business no longer needs them, leaving them with no idea of what to do next. [01:37] 
  • As a business owner, you must constantly make sacrifices, such as missing out on social activities and experiencing less financial stability, for the sake of your business. [03:21] 
  • First-generation business owners don’t just become successful by luck; they attain success through hard work and dedication. They sacrifice their time and friendships to achieve success in their businesses. [11:37]


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