Answering FAQs with Alex Neri, CFP®, RICP® (Ep. 49)

Answering FAQs with Alex Neri, CFP®, RICP® (Ep. 49)

Alex Neri, CFP®, RICP® is back on the podcast to tackle some of clients’ most frequently asked questions. 

In this episode, David and Alex provide insight and answers to questions they get the most from clients. They use examples that may apply to you and your finances, now or in the coming years. 

David and Alex answer these FAQs: 

  • Should I change my investments with the market the way that it is?
  • Where do I put my money if I’m looking to earn higher interest?
  • Can I still retire in these market conditions?
  • Should I pay off my mortgage?
  • And more

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About our Guest: 

Alex is dedicated to helping people meet their financial goals through in-depth discussions and planning. He enjoys taking complex issues and breaking them down into simple and manageable financial goals. Alex specializes in working with individuals and families as he works to help them properly manage their retirement assets, develop risk mitigation strategies and uncover and resolve portfolio inefficiencies.

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