Family, Friendship, & Design w/ Kristin Lindley & Meagan Baker of Upstate Roots Design (EP. 81)

Family, Friendship, & Design w/ Kristin Lindley & Meagan Baker of Upstate Roots Design (EP. 81)

Today, we are thrilled to welcome Kristin Lindley and Meagan Baker, the visionary co-founders of Upstate Roots Design, a thriving company based in Rochester, NY, specializing in interior decorating, redesign, and staging.

Kristin and Meagan share the journey that led them to co-found Upstate Roots Design, diving into the personal experiences and motivations that inspired them to pursue entrepreneurship. Moreover, they offer invaluable insights into the rewards and challenges of entrepreneurship.

Tune in and discover the dynamics of working with a friend as Kristin and Meagan reflect on the joys and complexities of their partnership. Learn how they’ve navigated through challenges and differences to build a successful business rooted in friendship and shared vision.

As the conversation unfolds, Kristin and Meagan offer valuable advice on how to overcome hesitations and doubts about starting your own venture. Additionally, they discuss their favorite client success story, providing further insights into the rewards of entrepreneurship and the impact of their work.


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During this episode, you will learn about:

[02:18] How Kristin Lindley and Meagan Baker met

[03:00] The backstory that inspired Kristin to co-found Upstate Roots Design with Meagan

[06:12] What prompted Meagan to co-found Upstate Roots Design with Kristin?

[09:16] When did they start the business?

[10:14] The services offered by Upstate Roots Design

[13:08] What does SixPoint mean?


[13:53] What’s the best part of being an entrepreneur?

[15:56] Advice for anyone hesitant to start their own business due to the perceived job security in the corporate world

[20:10] What is it like working with a friend?

[23:07] The challenges and differences they have navigated during their partnership journey


[27:32] The most challenging thing about entrepreneurship

[31:03] Favorite client success story 

[33:24] Who is their ideal client or customer

[35:11] How to connect with Kristin and Meagan





Key Takeaways:  

  • Being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to grow something on your own and be in control of what you do and how you do it. ~Meagan Baker [13:53]
  • Entrepreneurship offers you freedom and flexibility in your schedule to prioritize your family. ~Meagan Baker [14:14] 
  • As an entrepreneur, you have endless opportunities for growth and innovation. ~Kristin Lindley [14:30]
  • When starting your own business, prioritize building your brand because a strong brand presence attracts clients. ~Kristin Lindley [18:18]

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