Roles and Responsibilities of a Financial Advisor (EP. 76)

Roles and Responsibilities of a Financial Advisor (EP. 76)

Planning for retirement and ensuring financial security in the post-retirement years involves more than just accumulating wealth through savings and investments; it encompasses cultivating the comfort and confidence to meet present and future needs.

Achieving this security begins with creating a good retirement budget, a strategic tool that lays the groundwork for a stable and worry-free financial journey throughout one’s retirement years.

In this episode, David Pulcini, the Managing Partner at SixPoint Financial Partners, delves into why working with a Financial Advisor is essential. Moreover, he shares invaluable insights on how to create a good retirement budget.

Additionally, he uncovers the 5 biggest retirement planning mistakes that people make and guides the listeners through 8 essential action steps to enhance their retirement planning.

Tune in for a wealth of knowledge that will transform your approach to retirement planning.


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During this episode, you will learn about:

[01:17] What is the point of working with a Financial Advisor?

[02:00] The meaning of financial security 

[02:59] How to create a good retirement budget


[06:00] 5 Biggest retirement planning mistakes that people make

[13:55] What does SixPoint mean?


[14:34] 8 Essential action steps to enhance your retirement planning

Step #1 Determine your financial needs 

Step #2 Identify funding sources

Step #3 Plan backwards for saving

Step #4 Align investments with your goals 

Step #5 Maximize social security & pensions 

Step #6 Minimize your taxes legally

Step #7 Update legal documents
Step #8 Conduct annual reviews

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Key Takeaways: 

  • “Financial security is not just about the numbers in your bank account or investments; it’s about the comfort and confidence that you can meet your needs today and in the future.” ~David Pulcini [02:03]
  • “Taxes don’t retire when you do.” ~David Pulcini [07:41]
  • Effective estate planning ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes, providing clarity and ease for your loved ones. [12:27]


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